Friday, 28 September 2012

Give As You Live for A Way Out

We have recently signed up to 'Give As You Livein partnership with EveryClick website, a new initiative enabling our supporters to fundraise for us, as a part of their everyday lives whilst shopping online.

You can either search for shops on their search engine, or download GiveAsYouLive to your computer, and whenever you do your online shopping, a few pennies may be donated to us (free for you!) at the same time.

There are over 2,000 shops participating in the scheme; hmv, Amazon, Boden, John Lewis, and more.

Give As You Live have also offered us a £5 charity donation for every new person who signs up and spends £10 online. If you have a few moments, why not sign up to GiveAsYouLive, and fundraise for us. Every penny counts, and as many people say 'if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves'.

To use the service, simply sign up here: . We really appreciate it, and raising funds is vital for our life-changing work here at A Way Out.

Thank You!

Love from A Way Out x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Heart2Change Graduation

Our Heart2Change project was launched last Autumn with five young women as a part of the recovery work we do. The aim of the project is to support 16-24 year old-women who have been a part of A WAY OUT for some time, and are committed to working on life skills and development. You can find out more about what the weekly program looked like from our blog post in January; Changing Hearts Changing Lives.

We reached the end of the program this Summer, and all five young women who began the course in November had extremely positive outcomes. Three young women saw the course right through and graduated from the program this Summer. During the course, one young woman decided to return to her college course, so didn't fully complete the program, but found renewed motivation from the program to continue learning and developing there. Another young woman was offered an apprenticeship which she decided to pursue, and we supported her in that decision.

The Heart2Change graduates, the Mayor of Stockton and A WAY OUT Staff

Two weeks ago we had a celebratory evening event - the Heart2Change Graduation - to celebrate all that these five young women achieved. We dressed up in suits and cocktail dresses and spent the evening in the beautiful Crathorne Hall in Yarm where we shared a delicious meal and excitement about all these girls have achieved and could achieve in the future.

The Mayor of Stockton came to our event too! She is a great support of our charity, naming us one of her charities of the year.

We ate dinner and had speeches, and then the young women received their awards!

They all received a bouquet of flowers, a certificate and an engraved vase.

As you can see, we had a lovely time!

It's been so important to recognise the significance of the Heart2Change program in the lives of the five young women we mentioned. Their commitment to development has been truly inspiring and we are so pleased for them and all they have achieved!

We want to leave you with Danni's Story...

Danni was referred to us by her college as she was homeless and having a really hard time. She was struggling to attend college and was experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Danni wanted to apply for Heart 2 Change to address these issues as well as to gain emotional support. Danni is now doing really well; family relationships have built back up and she finished her college course. She intends to go back to college next year to study social sciences in order to prepare her for university where she would like to study nursing.

This is Love, Hope and Freedom in action!

We are looking forward to the project starting again in the Autumn. Here's to more breakthroughs!

Love from A WAY OUT x

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