Friday, 22 November 2013

Giving is for a life... not just a Christmas

Let's be honest, it's that time of year again.

Every charity, cause and goodwill organisation is asking for help in the run up to Christmas, and here at A Way Out, at first glance, we appear to be no different.

In just a few moments we want to remind you about an exciting opportunity where your Christmas gift to us could be doubled, but let us also tell you why your gift, and your partnership, is so important to us.

You see, a gift given to A Way Out this Christmas is not about giving our service users a wonderful gift. It's not even about Christmas dinners, parties and celebration. It's not about helping people combat the cold or tackling food poverty, although we will be doing all of that, quite literally, with bells on.

Actually, it's not really about this Christmas at all. But it is about the many, many Christmases to come.

This year, it is with great joy that we can report, that three of our female service users will be experiencing a better Christmas than they could ever have imagined a year ago.

This time last year three mums faced the agonising prospect of waking up on Christmas morning without their children.
Removed from their care for many reasons, our project staff have worked tirelessly this year, bolstered by the financial support you have given us throughout the last 12 months, to help these women take hold of their lives.
Through outreach, counselling, therapy and friendship these three beautiful mums, and their precious little ones, will this year be having Christmas together again. Families have been restored because you made a decision to journey with us last year.
And for that, please can we say a massive thank you.
A gift given to A Way Out is not about a quick-fix for Christmas, it's about helping us to commit to people who need us to walk with them over time.
It's about believing that there are children in Teesside whose only Christmas wish is for their mummy, not for Santa, 
that there are mums who have faced their fears and battled their addictions to have their children returned; it's about holding up a person's future not branding them by their past, it's about giving them the opportunity of a new year and a new start.
So with that in mind, would you consider partnering with us to see NEXT Christmas look very different for the women, young people and families who we work with?
There's never been a better or more exciting time to give.
On December 5, 6 and 7 any financial gifts given via will be doubled!
That's right, by giving online through The Big Give website, your £5 gift becomes £10, your £100 is worth £200, and even larger gifts of up to £3000 will be doubled too.
This is too good an opportunity for us to miss out on, and we know our faithful friends and supporters will value this chance to see their money go further and more lives impacted.
We would love you to join with us in impacting lives, sharing our message of Love, Hope and Freedom and to make someone's Christmas wish this year, become a reality over the coming months.
Thank you so much.
Stay warm, stay in touch and have a wonderful advent season with your own friends and family.

Friday, 1 November 2013

It's time to Shine

It's been a busy few weeks, as ever, here at A Way Out in Stockton. With Autumn now here and Christmas just around the corner we have plenty to keep us busy in terms of the services we provide and the people we exist to serve.

Food poverty remains a high priority in our hearts and for our agendas, as families begin to make the difficult choice now between heating and eating. Our Food Plus and communities team work tirelessly to help those most in need. Email for more information on how to donate food or how to volunteer in the community hubs.

For those of you who are organised enough to be thinking about Christmas shopping, December will bring a chance for you to help us through an initiative called .

Any money donated online, through this website, on December 5,6 and 7 will be doubled! Your £5 gift will be doubled to £10, and even larger gifts of thousands will multiplied as well. This is an opportunity too good to miss.

Sign up to our Twitter (@awayoutcharity), Facebook (A Way Out Charity) and Instagram (@awayoutcharity) sites for more information on this, and all our news, and spread the word!

Lindsay with Emily, the social worker
from Spurgeon's Academy, Kibera

Out of Africa

Mother Teresa once said: "Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work."

And with that in mind, A Way Out, realised a dream this week as we completed our first global venture, taking part in a two-week mission trip to Uganda and Kenya.

Invited to join the team, to help deliver sessions to women, a group of 13 people left from Teesside on October 10, returning on the 26th.

Representing A Way Out was Lindsay Bruce. Part of our fundraising and church engagement team, as well as being a pastor, Lindsay's role on the mission team was to deliver the Shine course and help with youth and children's work.

A value-based, empowerment programme it teaches three key concepts of worth, strength and purpose. Over the two weeks, more than 100 women from the Kampala slum community and around 50 from Kibera in Kenya took part in the course. With a further 250 in a women's prison in Uganda also benefiting from the teaching. The course was also taught to key women in local churches, and with teachers and social workers.

Shine - Uganda


Lindsay said: "One of the most powerful elements of the Shine programme is when we introduce hand massage. "

This seemingly insignificant process actually carries huge meaning. Used firstly as an illustration to depict that hands can be used for good, or harm, the massage begins with positive touch.

"Please remember the context of the woman from the slum streets of Kampala and Kibera," Lindsay added. "Almost all of these women will feel like they occupy the lowest level of society. Many will have a positive HIV status, many will be widows, many will have been abandoned by their husbands, many will have lost multiple children to disease and infection, many will have been raped or abused routinely. Without exception, the message that these precious women are of equal worth and value to all other women, was life changing.

"Countless testimonies of feeling less, feeling insignificant, feeling like they have no worth at all, were replaced by smiles, heads held high and new statements of, 'I have worth', 'I am made to Shine.'"

The massage is also carried out woman to woman, to encourage these beautiful sisters to look after one another as a Sisterhood. But on two occasions Lindsay was moved to tears.
Lindsay with the Power Women in Kibera, a cooperative of
women with HIV working together to help each other
She said: "One was when Sophia, dying of HIV, and mum to two young sons, refused to give over her hand in case she passed on her disease.
"That wasn't the moment to talk education or the ins and outs of HIV, but it was the moment to take her hand, and rub in expensive beautiful cream, and to reassure her that she is precious, valuable and significant.

 "The other was inside the walls of Luzira women's prison. Dressed in pink, so I knew she was branded as 'condemned to death', one beautiful, elderly lady sat against the back wall. When the hand massage began she neither asked for cream nor lifted her hand to be touched. Instead she turned away.

"When I moved towards her and asked why, she said, 'No. Not me.' Taking her hand in mine, I began to rub the cream all over. She cried, I cried. It was more than a moment of rubbing someone's hands. It was about placing value on someone who felt unworthy, but who actually carries the same value as me and any other."

There are countless other stories that go with this trip as we took our message of Love, Hope and Freedom over international borders. Watch this space for more snippets over the next few weeks.

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