Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The end of Christmas

At the end of a hectic, exhausting Christmas day, the prospect of a good night’s sleep is something we all look forward to.  There is no better feeling than gently retiring to fresh clean sheets, with mind and body content, tired limbs slowly relaxing; muscles, tendons and a busy mind gradually dispersing the tensions of the day.  Silence descends…thoughts drift through a sleepy landscape, then abruptly, without warning, in your mind’s eye, you fall off a kerb, or out of a boat, arms and legs startled into an involuntary reaction to the sensation of falling…your body is jerked into ‘wide awake’.  Ever happened to you?  This involuntary phenomena has various names and explanations…Some scientists even believe it is caused by the brain checking that the body is still alive!

One of the most memorable things this year, causing the body of A Way Out to jerk awake, has been the terrific and totally voluntary public response to our Christmas Appeal.  The generosity and kindness of the people of Teesside and beyond has been overwhelming with donations from schools, churches, businesses and individuals all contributing in ways that have made a huge impact, sending a message of love to many who would have otherwise felt forgotten.

It has been such a humbling experience to receive gifts and donations from people who have made a real sacrifice on behalf of our clients and service users and this has really woken us up to the fact that there are so many people who really do care and who really want to make a real and substantial difference to the lives of others.

The staff and clients of A Way Out are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to our work during the last year.  Looking forward to 2015 your help ensures that we will be there for vulnerable women, families and young people when their lives ‘fall off a kerb’ or ‘out of a boat’ – we will be there as a life line – ensuring they have a future and feel alive.

By volunteering or supporting us financially you can be part of our wake up call to action for 2015.

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