Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I believe in volunteering

I really do.

It’s the most beautiful expression of compassion; when you do something for someone else without expectation of personal gain.

With that said, those who volunteer with this heart and motivation gain far more than they give.

For some it’s that feel good feeling, and for others it fills their spare time so that they can feel valuable. Still for others, it provides a work experience opportunity that they would never have had otherwise, and in its most simple form, volunteering helps people to realise the value of what they actually have and what is truly important in their own lives.

In my job role as Volunteer Coordinator, I match our volunteers with appropriate tasks and ensure that they are trained and ready to serve the most vulnerable within the community. This often means a few weeks of evening training classes, and even some accredited training so that they are prepared for what they will be doing.

Our incredible volunteers support us in many areas, with some giving their time to pack food parcels, and others distributing them to our most vulnerable women who often cannot afford to feed themselves or their families. Some of our volunteers join our women’s team on ‘outreach’ encountering women who are trapped in sexual exploitation, and others work with vulnerable young people out in the local estates showing them that there is another way. We have volunteers who cover our Reception whilst staff have team meetings, or go out and about on family visits, and others come in to support with admin tasks which are hugely valuable to our busy staff team.

For a long time, people all over the country have asked “What they can do?”.  If they don’t live nearby, it’s difficult for them to do something truly beneficial and worthwhile for the organisation.
If that is you, I would like to introduce a solution!... “Stand2Change”.

Stand2Change gives you the opportunity to do something that makes a difference directly where it matters most.  By participating in a thrillseeker challenge, or a home event, you and your friends could raise essential  funds to see A Way Out continue to reach out the most vulnerable and at risk in Stockton-on-Tees.

A Way Out firmly believes that people deserve our time, not just for a few sessions, but for as long as it takes. We are all on a journey, and our service users are no different. They work with us for anywhere up to 10 years, knowing that when they need support that they can get it.

You can be a part of their journey, and raise funds to support those individuals who really need our help.

Signing up for Stand2Change enables us to help you run your own event or plan your challenge. You could do a fun run, a bungee jump, a sponsored walk or a craft fair. Whatever it is, we can help you be the one that makes a difference.

If you want more information about volunteering or about Stand2Change, you can contact me at

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