Thursday, 30 April 2015

Food for thought...

I love “people watching” and thinking about what lies behind the different ways we behave and interact.  Despite the variations and similarities in our humanness, we are all amazingly unique individuals.

Some of us are thinkers and strategic planners, weighing up the benefits against the disadvantages, planning ahead and aiming for victorious outcomes.  Others enjoy being on the front line, deep in the trenches of the battlefield of life, experiencing the mud and grime alongside the adrenalin rush of going head on into battle.  

Yet still there are those whose compassion lies in ministering to the wounded and battle weary, like the Stretcher Bearers of the First World War; weapon-less and marked only by a Red Cross on their sleeve, they would venture directly into the battle field to retrieve the wounded, coming to the rescue, just at the right time. Some of those stretcher-bearers had alternative beliefs about war and, although not able to fight themselves, were still willing to care for those who were equipped to do battle.

Here at A Way Out we benefit from a whole range of amazingly unique individuals.  Gifted strategists amongst our Trustees and Management, dedicated and courageous front line project staff and compassionate volunteers and supporters.  

Whenever we need to make a request for help, be it Christmas gifts or chocolate eggs,  bedding or furniture, or even toiletries and sanitary towels, the staff of A Way Out are constantly astounded by the army of compassionate supporters who come to the aid of those in need - those families and individuals who are battle weary, who feel, for a while, like they are surviving in the trenches of their existence.  

And yet the battle rages on... Each week we hold a ‘drop-in’ and, amongst other services we provide, we aim to offer a food parcel for each person who attends.  Every week we constantly push forward to acquire enough food to fill each bag, here’s where we need to ‘rally the troops’! If you feel that it's time to be 'called up' to help, A Way Out Needs You!  We are short of non perishable foods in tins and packets… and every little helps.  For more information check this page:

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