Saturday, 31 October 2015


One of the very few things I recall from school biology lessons is the seven things that prove something is alive. It helps that my teacher gave me a handy acronym to help me remember, so even now I’m a couple of decades older, I can still label the seven life processes that MRS NERG represents. The last of them is growth and I often wonder about that one. Of course our growth is physical, as our bodies’ cells develop throughout our lives, but surely as human beings we need to grow in many other ways too: in our experiences, our relationships, our understanding, and our awareness.

For many of the vulnerable individuals we come alongside at A Way Out, this kind of growth has been limited in their lives because of the challenging circumstances they have faced. Over the summer we offered some of the women we are journeying with the chance to experience what many of us take for granted, day trips to Durham, Whitby and Redcar. They did ordinary, enjoyable things – a walk on the beach, a boat trip, fish and chips for dinner, and an ice cream.

In Durham the group explored the cathedral and were able to light candles for loved ones, and then ate pizza together. Simple activities but, for some, new and exciting experiences. These modest activities encourage personal growth and develop and nurture relationships, and A Way Out believes in the value of this as part of our holistic approach – caring about all aspects of an individual’s life.

We would love for you to help us as we seek to encourage further growth in all those we work with, by supporting us you will be making a real difference in the lives of many vulnerable individuals, helping them to find a way out of life-limiting and life-controlling situations.  For further information regarding how you can do this go to our website. 

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