Monday, 30 November 2015

I love autumn.

Each year I am surprised by just how strikingly beautiful the world gets during this season, as the leaves transform through vivid shades of orange and red and then gradually fall. It is such a dramatic change from the sunshine of August to the colour of October to the ‘bleak midwinter’ of December, and it always seems to happen so quickly.

But the good news of that (as well as the gorgeous orange leaves outside my window) is that Christmas is fast approaching. Over a cup of tea this morning, the team here at A Way Out realised it’s only nine weeks away – and by the time you read this it will be down to eight.

This fact will I’m sure be met with a mixed response. Perhaps you are ecstatically excited about the fast-approaching festivities, perhaps you’re slightly stressed about all that is soon to come, or perhaps you’re looking forward to time off work and an opportunity to enjoy yourself or see your family. Whatever it may be, at least in the midst of the darkest and coldest time of the year, most of us have this wonderfully warm and light-filled few weeks to look forward to.

But we realise at A Way Out that for many of those we work with, this isn’t the case. They may not have the chance to decorate a tree or hang a stocking, they may not have a family to visit or be able to see the people they want to, they may not have the opportunity to over-eat on chocolate and Christmas dinner, because for so many, they simply do not have the things that most of us take for granted. For many of the women, families and young people we come alongside, winter is both cold and dark, and there is nothing within that to look forward to.

We want to make a difference – we want to give them something to bring light and warmth. 

Could you support our appeal at Christmas? We are collecting gifts so nobody is left without one, and we are putting together Christmas food parcels, and we would love to receive your donations for this throughout November. Please join us in bringing love, hope and freedom at this time of year.
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