Monday, 14 December 2015

How quickly the Christmas season sneaks up on us each year.

This morning A Way Out had a visit from a wonderful team of volunteers who offered to spend an hour sorting through decorations. Suddenly the office was filled with tinsel and fairy lights, strains of Christmas music filled the air, and everything got a little bit more real.

The cold weather is also a sign of the approaching festivities, and it seems that everyone is digging into their winter wardrobes for woolly hats and big, thick winter coats – and for the children at one of the primary schools we are working with, this is possible for them as well.

When a local church approached us to ask how they could intentionally donate to our youth project, and we mentioned that a few of the young people might need coats for winter, the church stepped up to donate enough to be able to buy every single pupil from Reception to Year 6 a brand new coat. Our youth coordinator told us what an amazing sight it was to see each one of the school’s 80 children buttoned up against the cold as they ran around on their lunch break.

We are constantly humbled and deeply appreciate every donation that we receive, but at this time of year we are especially grateful when individuals and groups choose to give to those we are working with, as we know there are so many other claims on your time and money.  Yet we do ask, if you are able, please consider supporting A Way Out this Christmas.

Thank you so much for your support throughout 2015 – with your help we have managed to reach out and support so many vulnerable women, young people and families. In 2016 we will keep doing all we can to bring love, hope and freedom to those who need it, and hope that you will continue to stand with us as we do. Thank you.
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