Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New Year

Three weeks into January, and the question we’re all wondering is whether we’re keeping up with all the resolutions we made (perhaps in haste while still feeling the after-effects of Christmas excesses). Statistics show that by now most of those good intentions have fallen by the wayside, which is understandable as life takes hold and routines take over, and dark January days make another slice of cake ever more appealing. Of course, some people will still be doing well. I have seen an incredibly inspirational woman out running every morning for the past few weeks, whatever the weather, showing a depth of commitment to her goals.
At A Way Out we are regularly amazed by the depth of commitment people show, and it was this incredible attitude that meant at Christmas we could give away nearly 100 festive food hampers, almost 100 different gifts, 35 cinema vouchers and an amazing selection of children’s presents to the vulnerable women, young people and families that we are walking with. All of this happened only because our generous supporters were committed to showing love and compassion, regardless of the busy and expensive requirements of Christmas.  A Way Out was able to accept these overwhelming donations and passed them on to those who needed them.
A church in Norton went above and beyond, making a special effort to invite a number of vulnerable women and some of our team to a special Christmas lunch, lovingly bought, prepared and served by members of the church. That in itself was a kind thing to do, but even more than that, the church gave special gifts to every woman who attended, and organised all the transport they needed. A Way Out staff and service users are so very grateful to this kind hearted group.
I wonder whether your new year’s resolution was to cut back on something, take something up, or just generally do things differently? Perhaps in the midst of this focus, there’s space where you too might be able to show kindness and a depth of compassion to the vulnerable. It doesn’t have to be January 1st, at any point of the year you can go to www.awayout.co.uk and choose to go that extra mile, supporting those who need it.
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