Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Coffee Time

One of my favourite pleasures is taking time out to enjoy a really good cup of coffee.  A treat when it’s raining or when the sun is shining; a pick-me-up in the middle of the day or a relaxing chill-out at the end; enjoyed alone as “me’ time or a great way to catch up with a good pal… I can make almost any occasion into a good excuse to love a latte.  That unmistakably rich coffee aroma coupled with creamy frothy milk… can it get any better?… well actually yes!!

A Way Out has teamed up with local coffee shop, Mint Hobo in Yarm High Street to share the love.  Each cup served will come with an extra shot of compassion.  This forward thinking coffee shop have decided that every cup served by Mint Hobo will guarantee a small donation to A Way Out Charity. 

Imagine enhancing the experience with the assurance that every time you enjoy your refreshment you are also helping to sustain the invaluable work of this hard working charity.  You can help to provide an essential boost to our funding, ensuring continued delivery of our services to vulnerable women, families and young people in Stockton on Tees.

Mint Hobo is a great example of our ‘Stand to Change’ campaign, putting into action what you do best in order to stand with us to provide support, advocate and raise awareness for the work of A Way Out.

Why not pop along to Mint Hobo in Yarm, enjoy your favourite indulgence, sit back, relax and contemplate how you can be inspired by their amazing example of support?


Thursday, 1 September 2016

You can't undo Life

It’s so convenient clicking the ‘delete’ key wiping out mistakes, even more useful clicking  ‘undo’  putting things back as they were.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘delete’ and ‘undo’ key in our lives?  Just hit ‘undo’ after a poor decision… eating one too many cream cakes, or smoking that first cigarette... Hit ‘undo’, put things back as they were, change to a positive course of action.  Another computer function –“control, alt, delete” – “rebooting”– sorting out confusion, giving a fresh start for the system – now that is a function we could really appreciate in life especially when completely overwhelmed!

Over the past year, A Way Out has been involved in a study funded by Northern Rock Foundation.  Working with SECOS and Durham University, using Participatory Active Research, we explored reasons leading to women engaging in sex work. Women from caseload undertook research training and worked alongside university academics conducting interviews.  Findings were delivered at a powerful dissemination event at Durham University last month. 

Findings highlighted many women attending A Way Out search for that ‘delete’ and ‘undo’ function for their lives.  A Way Out Workers already engage intensively supporting in ‘rebooting’ women’s lives, providing direction and encouragement to overcome complex , overwhelming issues like addiction, homelessness and finance; however, another finding confirmed women wish they had discovered A Way Out earlier in their lives – before events leading into sex-work. 

A Way Out has secured funding to provide exactly this service.  A Way Out’s new Blossom project will work with young women (aged 16-24) empowering them towards a positive future. Launching in October with a brand new team, we are looking for volunteers with a passion for supporting outreach, drop-ins and mentoring. 

Is it time for you to ‘reboot’ your system and launch into something new and exciting with us?  Contact us at or telephone 01642 655071 for more information.
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