Thursday, 23 February 2017

We can all make a difference

Recently I took annual leave in USA.  I met with old friends and made some new.  I also caught up with a very special lady in Tallahassee.  Anna and I ‘met’ by chance over the internet while we were both receiving chemotherapy.   For both of us it was our second encounter with cancer and we supported each other via the web throughout our treatment and recovery, continuing contact while Anna then recovered from a heart attack.

This meeting in Tallahassee was emotional.   Hearing about Anna’s life was even more moving - a single mum bringing up her son, with an amazing dedication and compassion for all young people and her local community despite a 10 year battle with her own health. 

Listening to Anna’s story is proof to me that we all have the ability to make a real difference despite what life throws at us. 

In my role as General Manager at A Way Out I see daily the very real value of our volunteer support to our prevention work with vulnerable women and young people in Stockton.

Without the help of volunteers A Way Out could not provide our outreach and engagement services which prevent further harm, exploitation and life limiting choices and behaviours to some of Stockton’s most vulnerable.

We asked young people who engaged with A Way Out’s Youth Service how it has changed their lives, they said “I was shy, now I’m not”… ”I was scared, now I’m not”… “I didn’t like myself, but now I do”. 

Why not consider volunteering with A Way Out?… We can all make a difference.  For further information please contact, 01642 655071 or look on our website

Anita Burke, General Manager

Friday, 17 February 2017

All Change!

A Way Out is all about change – we transform lives from vulnerability, addiction and exploitation to living in safety, good health and fulfilment; we engage, we motive, we empower, we effect and facilitate positive, sustainable life changing CHANGE for women, young people and families in Stockton.

A Way Out is commencing the new  year with a few changes of our own – we say farewell to Jane Harmer, our dedicated CEO of 2 years and are we excited to welcome Sarah McManus  from the post of Services Manager to the positon of Interim Chief Executive Officer; we will be waving goodbye to our amazing Youth Co-ordinator, Graham Marsh and we are currently recruiting to welcome an equally amazing new co-ordinator (information on our website if you are interested in applying for the position!);  a corporate supporter has most generously changed £5000 worth of fund raising into an astonishing  £10,000; one of our supporters, Katie Ann Hunter,  is raising funds by changing her hair style and shaving her head!!...and to top off our start to 2017 our previous Chair of Trustees, Stuart Cornwell,  has received the tremendously well-deserved and prestigious honour of OBE in the New Year’s Honours List which recognises his devoted commitment and outstanding services to children and families … and it’s only January!!

We are really looking forward to experiencing what the rest of 2017 has in store for us and most of all how we can make this an exceptional year of positive change for our clients.

You too could consider making your 2017 a year of change – perhaps by becoming an A Way Out volunteer directly helping to impact and change the lives of our women and young people?  Or chose to make A Way Out a focus of your charitable giving and fundraising.    
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